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Message Subject Forget everything, this is what they have done.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
" The people creating and doing this are trying to force biblical principles onto the populace (including themselves) through technology. For example the seven deadly sins. They take a basic human requirement (food, sex, a specific emotion) and quantify it (within the BioAPI). If the result is to extreme (for example you eat too much) or you do something not approved of then they decide that you're not worthy of life or judge you accordingly."

Oh...come on.

First of all...the "seven deadly sins" are not biblical. That's a catholic thing.


They spend gazillions on a covert operation to secretly force biblical principles on everybody...then infuse everything we watch on tv everyday...much easier input mechanism than chemtrail nonotech...with the exact opposite "principles????

In a word....Bitch, Please.
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