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Poster Handle MindShaft
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Shit, Ttown; - why do you set yourself up for this knockdown every time you post a new thread?

You must have known this attack was coming ...

My advice? Lose the SCREAMING CAPS LOCK approach, and only post threads that are a little more outside of the 'norm'.

I hate that you've become a pillory for so many others here - usually those who attack are those who have low frequency/low value input, simply because they have nothing substantial to offer themselves either in terms of originality or insight, and they've learned that insulting you will not often draw negative responses from registered members.

You've become a somewhat willing whipping post it seems.

I've noticed that many put-downs come from the forum 'Mods' - who so clearly feel superior, and who are obviously afforded immunity to backlash from other members because - basically they're like high-school hall bully/monitors - all 'badge' ( ... but no backbone).

Just remember. Outside of their keyboard bullying 'privileges' and their power to censure or silence others here at GLP, they have ZERO power. They are little more than legends in their own minds.

Pretty fucking pathetic and laughable really.

Flame on, GLP cheerleaders.

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