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Subject Chris Rock Lambastes Mormons
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Check out Chris Rock on Jimmy Fallon. Rock is in awe that the Mormon faith has doctrines in the Book of Mormon (they don't use the Bible) describes that persons with dark skin suffered the "Curse of Cain". The Mormons invented a race of people called Laminites, and lay claim this race was indigenous to the Americas & Polynesian people.

FYI, the entire region of the Polynesian Islands were infiltrated by Mormon missionaries who successfully converted islanders from Christianity to Mormonism; Congan, Tongan, and Polynesians are very prevelant here in the states, despite being labeled as people punished with dark skin by Cain. See "The Curse of Cain".

Historians & archeologists have dispelled the radical and unfactual historical claims in the Book of Mormon. This is but one example of the blatant discrimination against all people of color. Women also were not allowed status or authority in the Mormon Church only a few decades ago.

No matter how you feel about Chris Rock, he spoke the fundemental truth. Don't let the passive manner of the Mormon people fool you, they don't value your opinion, and NEVER enter philosophical discussions about their religion.

[link to m.newsbusters.org]
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