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Message Subject Chris Rock Lambastes Mormons
Poster Handle anonanon
Post Content
Sure, the Smith guy that started the Mormon religion was quite strange and his concepts show that.

Like all relgions, some sects are today crazier than others. Consider some of the other Christian sects like the snake handlers or the ones who just can't wait for the end of the world - nevermind that they wouldn't survive it.

However, Mormons are Christians and are dedicated to their faith. Also, the racism of their past practices are in the past for most mainstream Mormons.

Some of their values such as hard work and self-sufficiency are sorely needed in our country and in our government today.

If they could only get past the no-dancing thing.

Anyway, Chris Rock has a real hate on for most white people even tho they have made him a millionaire many times over.
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