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Poster Handle Neim-Ya'shar
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christmas easter, no laws, halloween, Jesus is the almighty God, sun worship day,pauline doctrines that override messiah teachings,all saints day, ash wednesday, women pastors on the altar.. The list goes on and on
 Quoting: Neim-Ya'shar

Christmas, Easter and Hallow'een are all pagan festivals with 'christian' meaning attached by the catholic church. They are not taught in the bible and are not christian in any way. Christmas and Easter do not correspond with the dates of Jesus' birth and death either. I repeat, these festivals are Not christian, they are corrupt. Having said this, Christmas and Easter are convenient times to remember Jesus and what he did for us and can be used to educate our children as to the true meaning of his sacrifice (all paganism aside).

Sun worship is pure idolatry and has no place in the life of a christian.

All Saints Day is another adaptaion of a pagan festival which was established by the Catholic Church. It has no christian meaning other than the remembrance of those who have died in the name of the Lord if we choose to use it in that manner. I have never observed it personally.

I have never had anything to do with Ash Wednesday and do not know if it is pagan or not. It has never entered into my belief system of salvation through grace.

As for Jesus being almighty God, well he is. He is the Word made flesh and come do dwell among us in order to die in our place in fulfillment of the law. The fact that he was God and man is what made it possible for him to live a sinless life and therefore be deemed worthy to die in our place.

Pauline teachings differ from those of Jesus because the target audience is different. Jesus spoke to Jews about Jewish law. He showed them what the law really meant and how he was a fulfillment of the prophecies. It was only on his death that the law was fulfilled, thus the age of grace begins and the Pauline teachings explain this concept in fine detail. Since Jesus was the fulfillment of prophecy and the law, we are now under grace. Jesus and Paul could not teach the same doctrine because it was not until Jesus died that the game changed. Paul simply shared with us the rules of the new game. The rules are much simpler but come with greater responsibility.

If you look at it that way, the commands spoken of by Messiah were far more difficult than the "10 commandments." It is much more difficult to not harbor anger in your heart against your neighbor, than to not "kill him."
 Quoting: Shamar

Indeed, Jesus expanded the Law so that the Jews would understand its full intention. That being that the law is not able to be kept by us. Jesus however did keep the law to its fullest extent and dies on our behalf so that we do not need to keep the law. He took our sin and gave us his righteousness and that is completely lawful in the eyes of God. He redeemed us from the curse of sin by way of payment in Blood.

The law of Moses is not just difficult, it is impossible. Only God can keep it so he came down and did just that. He did this because he loves us. He loves us so much he sent his Son to die for us.

I tell you what, I would find it nigh on impossible to send my only son to die in the place of a person who had offended me in every way imaginable but this is exactly what God did.
 Quoting: asparien

THose laws were never moses law those were laws given to moses by the father.There was fault iwth it where by man had to obey all to be accepted if not he will die if he faltered at one.

The promise of messiah took away the curse of the law of death. messiah became that curse on the cross..The books said it cursed is eeveryman that hangeth from a tree.

The law is not a curse or to be abhorred but it is good and wonderful. the holy spirit is only given to those who obey the laws and commands of gOD ..THIS IS WRITTEN.

These are called the saints of the most high
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