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THose laws were never moses law those were laws given to moses by the father.There was fault iwth it where by man had to obey all to be accepted if not he will die if he faltered at one.

The promise of messiah took away the curse of the law of death. messiah became that curse on the cross..The books said it cursed is eeveryman that hangeth from a tree.

The law is not a curse or to be abhorred but it is good and wonderful. the holy spirit is only given to those who obey the laws and commands of gOD ..THIS IS WRITTEN.

These are called the saints of the most high
 Quoting: Neim-Ya'shar

It is called Mosaic law because the law was given to Moses. The law was indeed a curse to men because once it was known it had to be followed lest a man suffer the consequence of breaking the law. The law of God was a response to the pride of the Israelites when they declared before God that anything he required of them, they could do. Therefore God gave them an UNKEEPABLE law to shame them in their pride. In God's eyes the law is good and holy but it became a curse to the man who tried to keep it and failed. Only God can keep his own laws.

Prior to Christ, the Holy Spirit was given to those who God chose to gift it to. Generally these people were prophets acting on God's orders. After Christ, the Holy Spirit was bestowed upon each and every person who believed in the Blood of Jesus Christ as payment for their sin. There is no other requirement and the Holy Spirit cannot be bought or earned. This was the error of Simon the Magician who attempted to purchase the power of the Holy Spirit to use as a parlour trick in order to get rich. Each and every person who accepts Christ as their saviour becomes a saint of the Most High. We become priests in his name.

if you read you will see it is not me who needs this understanding but you.For what I have written is what the word says and what it means.I am not giving it a christian twist...
 Quoting: Neim-Ya'shar

My friend, there is no twist required. Upon the death of Jesus Christ, we entered into a new covenant with God. This new covenant requires only that we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour. It is that simple.
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