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Poster Handle Shamar
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If you look at it that way, the commands spoken of by Messiah were far more difficult than the "10 commandments." It is much more difficult to not harbor anger in your heart against your neighbor, than to not "kill him."
 Quoting: Shamar

Indeed, Jesus expanded the Law so that the Jews would understand its full intention. That being that the law is not able to be kept by us. Jesus however did keep the law to its fullest extent and dies on our behalf so that we do not need to keep the law. He took our sin and gave us his righteousness and that is completely lawful in the eyes of God. He redeemed us from the curse of sin by way of payment in Blood.

The law of Moses is not just difficult, it is impossible. Only God can keep it so he came down and did just that. He did this because he loves us. He loves us so much he sent his Son to die for us.

I tell you what, I would find it nigh on impossible to send my only son to die in the place of a person who had offended me in every way imaginable but this is exactly what God did.
 Quoting: asparien

Well, I don't look at it that Jesus *expanded* the law, but rather that He simplified it. Kinda like the old adage " is the glass 1/2 full or 1/2 empty?" It all depends on where it was when it started before it came to the 1/2 way point, you know?

Regarding the "law of Moses"...... what people have been taught about the 613, and that God gave those commands to Moses to give to the Israelites, well, He never did. The law He gave to Moses was far, FAR simpler. The rest of it is levitical sand that must be sorted through.

No wonder Messiah was so frustrated with the teachings of the scribes and pharisees!! They had all but obliterated the truth, and in fact, in His own words -- they had taken away the secret of the key of knowledge.

Jesus did not come to die so that we wouldn't have to learn His Father's instructions... He didn't love us so deeply that He died in our place so that we are free to do was WE will.......
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