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7" Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone."


Good works will always accompany a genuine repentance and faith in Christ.

But it is God who determines what is good......not man.

The JW think that they are doing good works by going door to door and handing out their magazines.

So this is something that has to be viewed as good by God.

Those who are born again by the Holy Spirit.....are immediately indwelt by the Holy Spirit.....and connected with God.

The Holy Spirit then directs the person and gives him the power to work on things which bring him closer to God.....and also to do various other things according to His will.....and viewed by Him as good.

Perhaps a individual gets stressed out too much. The Holy Spirit will bring this to his attention and help that person work on this.

There is nothing good about us. The first sin killed us....when we were about 8 or 9 years of age. This would involve knowing God's commandments....understanding them......and then deliberately going out and breaking one of them. Perhaps the child told a fib....or perhaps stole some change. The first sin kills you......God is holy. This separates you from God.

Hence Christ said that you must be born again.

As Paul said.....there is evil in his flesh....sin residing there.....and that his flesh was in fact dead because of sin. However he received new life in Christ.

The good works are inspired by the Holy Spirit......and are referred to in Scripture as the "fruit of the Spirit."
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