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Message Subject LIVE: Austrian Skydiver Felix Baumgartner Attempts To Break The Sound Barrier
Poster Handle snark
Post Content
I don't hire out limousines. I am busy enough with my buses. Do you have some strange trauma because of a limo? Are you some kind of stalker?
 Quoting: snark



No, I own a party bus business. You rent them like a limousine- they hold between 18-40 people depending on the bus. Like rolling nightclubs...you have a DJ, incredible lights and sound systems.
 Quoting: snark

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25438660

YOUR POINT? Stupid wanker can't even read. I DON'T RENT LIMOS. Way to derail a thread, idiot.
 Quoting: snark

I have caught you out snark.....you are a liar....useless business for fake people....trying to look like they are rich.
let me guess, your business is suffering badly now.lmao

I rest my case, useless eater business feeding off other useless eaters
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25438660

FUCK YOU AND YOUR FUCKING ATTITUDE. My business serves all races and all economic types. Family reunions. Kids birthday parties. Weddings, lots of them. Right now the Obama administration and high fuel prices are crushing us, and we exist mostly as a vehicle to provide jobs and to pour money back into the economy. FUCK YOU. My husband and I work every day, long hours and we have several employees who make more money than we do. No one we employ makes less than $15 an hour and most make a good bit more. FUCK YOU. I hope you get run over by a limo OR a bus; you won't know the difference apparently.
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