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Archons/aliens/ rulers of us all

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10/09/2012 10:36 AM
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Archons/aliens/ rulers of us all
Please at least review my post “Total guide to awakening’ if you have trouble fitting this information into our reality today…

Archons, are aliens, which are extremely deceptive demons described by ancient teachers. Understanding this fully is a must to finally comprehend what is happening, and how to help at this time.

We conduct our lives according to how a few ‘beings’ have decided that our society should be structured. What I am trying to make clear is that our banking system, militaries, governments, royal bloodlines, education, commercialism, consumerism, and on and on ,are ways of life that those with the ability to manipulate our minds have created. They have created this system to serve the rulers at the top of the ‘pyramid’ .

The rulers hold positions of ‘Authority‘ as an ‘invisible hand’ that controls the decisions of the world governments. Our life is a ‘play’ or ‘theatre’ for the amusement of ‘beings’ that are of the dark side of creation. Through their loyal servants of the ‘dark’ via their governments, thrones, and WALL STREETs Corporations, these dark beings decide the next step to take humanity.

This is an evil that was warned about centuries ago in many text, and even sources today by outgoing leaders of government. This invisible hand of the dark is known as the ‘Illuminati‘, but that name was created as disinformation. In older text from the Nag Hammadi library (NHL), they were known as the ARCHONS. The more applicable name also used by the NHL is the rulers.

ARChons are given their own chapter in the NHL warning future generations about their involvement in human affairs, their dark origins, and how they use their superior knowledge of the human psyche and language to manipulate humanity. If you have taken the time to watch Ethos (a documentary about just this in America), this is a very real problem to address, no matter where it originates from or who. However, we will only find the TRUTH by looking at the root of the problem.

An example of the warning given to us is in the Gospel of Phillip. I will emphasize certain words with bold type to draw attention to where it is needed to understand it better.

The Archons (54,18-31) The rulers wanted to fool people, ‘since’ they saw that people ‘have a kinship with what is truly good’. They took the ‘names‘ of the ‘good‘ and ‘assigned them’ to what is ‘not good‘, to fool people with names and ‘link names to what is not good.‘

An example of this would be every politician that uses the words ‘peace’, ‘love’, and ‘tolerance‘. These ‘words‘ are always used to sway people to accept coming actions by the politicians and the followers of their propaganda that are anything but peaceful, loving, or tolerant at heart. The effectiveness of this on people is shown when the misguided followers of the dark support going to war with …oh say, ‘Iraq’ to bring ‘peace‘ to that region by ‘liberating‘ it from a bad guy. Then the real insanity begins by sending volunteers with guns to convince the ‘victims‘ of the bad guy, that ‘peace’ is now established because the ‘bad guy‘ is gone.

In many of the Hindu text it speaks of this world being created by the fallen demons of reality who wanted a body to serve them. This is also echoed in the NHL. Our ‘bodies’ are used as ‘energy emitters’ or amplifiers for emotion which these dark beings crave. The energy that human emotion generates is something they cannot experience, except through us. This is why they need to control our minds to ‘feed off of us’. The energy they crave is always of the darker aspects…..lust, greed, anger, pride, guilt, shame, envy, fear, jealousy….all of these thoughts create energy that the dark is addicted to. It is thought that leads to these emotions being created. So if you control the thought process of a being, you control their emotional state.

These rulers control our actions through our subconscious desires, convincing us that Spiritually destructive habits are acceptable, and that true happiness comes from feeding physical desires. There is a reason it is called ‘television programming’ folks.

The rulers still have limitations. Like dealing with humans who actually are greater in ability than the narrow purposed demons who have enslaved humanity. Humans have the one thing that these dark creatures do not. The DIVINE spark of LIGHT. This is the prime creator substance of what we poorly call GOD that is feminine in nature. These dark ‘beings’ are unable to witness the magnificent power that resides in being humble and Compassionate.

Patriarchal rule is hatred of the feminine aspect of GOD because it is beyond their ability to obtain it. Lacking the ability to control it forces them to face the fact that they are subordinate to another creature, no matter how blind their pride in themselves is. Since they cannot destroy this spark within us, they make us human slaves unaware of its existence.

The rulers can never ignite the feminine within them because of their selfishness, so instead they try to control the feminine through controlling the minds of the world. Even in society today they have worked incredibly hard to ‘masculanize’ women by convincing them it is acceptable to have promiscuous sex, leaving children to go work, acting like men in competitiveness, and even shaming others into not expressing their feelings.

Emotions are our connection with the higher realms. Only by exploring our emotions honestly( not believing what we are told is acceptable behavior), will we be free from any form of attempted mind control by these rulers. This is how the FEMININE overpowers the rulers and why they fear it awakened inside of humans. When we know what DIVINE RIGHT or WRONG is by doing our own ‘soul searching’ in meditation, then nothing can be used to sway our KNOWING, and any attempt by others to try and emotionally sway our opinion is noticed.

At that exact moment of KNOWING your own boundaries of right or wrong, the rulers lose their control over your mind. What do I mean by this? Here is an example…. Animal sacrifice in ancient times fed the dark pride of the rulers who could fool humans into killing a living creature GOD LOVES, to appease the dark. The rulers see humans as energetic food already, so to mimic their behavior by eating those that we should be the caretakers of (animals) is copying satanic behavior taught by the fallen gods. This is in exact opposition to the GOOD or LIGHT.

Take that and look at the average diner plate today. I no longer think KFC is finger licking good, because I KNOW to kill a responsive consciousness to feed my belly is the act of evil. THAT IS NOT LIGHT.

Placing myself above any living consciousness violating it’s FREE WILL to satisfy my craving, is not worthy behavior of LIGHT..

……But boy look at the billions of animal sacrifices the rulers have now, by convincing people to sit down and give thanks to god for the ‘flesh’ they devour like serpents. That is an example of how we have been led into a lifestyle that is of the darkest evil. No longer any thought in the killing of a creature blessed by GOD with consciousness, just to make dinner. If you place a living consciousness on your menu, do not be surprised when you find out you were on someone else’s plate as an appetizer.
Oh..for the ‘that tomato is a being and you eat that” crowd, you are repeating the exact things the dark want you to say to confuse people. That is not true and the ‘Garden’ was created for the purpose of food.

The habits humans are ’programmed’ with that we ‘think’ are acceptable, are too many to tackle in one paper. Besides, these ‘revelations’ are a personal Spiritual journey for every person to figure out for themselves through meditation, once they realize they need to ‘re-think’ what their ‘beliefs’ are.

This meditation is of a self analyzing nature. It’s purpose is only to unlock your deeper feelings on subjects to reach such a Spiritual understanding, that you become immovable in your own ‘stance’ no matter what is thrown at you. You are then a foundation of GOD’s TRUTH, to make others ‘aware’ of the manipulation. This is not to frighten any one, but to give them the opportunity to make conscious choices not guided by subconscious desires. More importantly, to connect with GOD through emotions and our own inner KNOWING of right or wrong. GOD is feeling, not something to listen for. You know the answers when you ‘feel’ what GOD is trying to tell you. That is the ‘alarm bell’ GOD uses to reach us.

If you are in line with SPIRIT and LIGHT there will be no more negative emotions experienced as helpless, or anything left to accomplish in this life. Only challenges that lead to further Spiritual freedom.

This method of ‘KNOWING’ works using long, quiet, deep self-reflection on past circumstances, personal bad habits, and how we could have been a better person by acting inline with our Higher Self. The ‘Higher self’ is that person we strive to be. The Higher Self is just the perfected ‘you’ already in GOD’s Kingdom, just waiting to be cleaned here first.

That being said, learn about yourself, and be honest with who you are and who you want to be. Humans are not what we told we are by the rulers, and we should not live according to their societal structure.

It depends on which ‘side’ of the GOD equation (dark or LIGHT) that we are connected with that determines our thoughts, which then leads to our actions. Choices we make however, are only as good as the mind can make with the information we have and accept as TRUTH.

Since the mind of humans are controlled with such sophisticated sorcery like the entertainment industry, they cannot even see there is a choice because the lines between right and wrong have been blurred. In other words until a person knows they are being manipulated, they can never move on to a greater understanding of the universe they live in. Their consciousness will be kept to the limitations of what they are shown is real by the rulers.

Between the years 1582 and 1589 the English scholar John Dee and Edward Kelley conducted a series of communications with what were later called the ‘Enochian angels.’ The most important information to come out of their ‘communications’ was published in London in 1659 .

The purpose of the channeling according to the angels was to enable Dee to communicate with the spirits of the nations of the earth. They stated that the apocalypse would be ushered in by the hands of the dark, by destroying the 4 watch towers that they claimed kept the demons of hell from descending on the Earth. These are also known as Earth Air Water and Fire. The plan worked.

Look at our lives. We have allowed dark interest under the name of ‘growth’ and ‘prosperity’ to destroy the natural elements of creation that are balanced here on Earth. We allow the rulers to pollute our water, spray chemicals in our atmosphere, destroy the Earth by drilling and mining, and use fire incorrectly through ‘combustion’ engine technology. This alteration of the natural elements makes the human body easier to disconnect from GOD..

We are becoming little machines given ‘artificial intelligence’ through the computer and television.

Since the time Dee contacted the ‘Enochian angels’, humanity’s destiny has taken a drastic turn. The invention of modern freemasonry by Dees student Sir Francis Bacon, has led to the establishment of America and it’s purpose in their story as the ultimate sacrifice to be made. This eventual ‘final offering’ to the rulers is slowly being done through the disintegration of the family, unending wars, financial ruins, and race relations that will act as mass blood sacrifices once the plan is complete. The Apocalypse.

In closing the ARCons or rulers are misguiding humanity to a fateful end out of pure hatred for what we have the potential to become. It is why the Angels bowed to humans for their greatness, and why the ‘split’ in what people call Heaven occurred. Some angels pride were too great to accept a ‘servants’ role in GOD’s plan so they rebelled. They took the opportunity to try to stop the natural evolution of the newly created man, never understanding it was their darkness that was required to ‘grow’ the LIGHT within them in the first place.

The rulers thought they did all they did by their own power and will, but the Holy Spirit was secretly accomplishing all through them by the Spirit’s Will…….NHL

Evil forces serve the saints, for they have been blinded by the Holy Spirit into thinking they are helping their own people when they are really helping the saints.

So a disciple once asked the master for something from the world and he said, “Ask your Mother, and she will give you something from another REALM……. NHL

If there is lack of compassion for’ all people’, no matter what sin they have committed, it does not matter what beautiful words they use to tell you otherwise, they are not of the LIGHT. All beings deserve compassion. Eventually they will destroy themselves with their wickedness, or truly repent and make their “own agreement with GOD”.

GOD does not use words to create thoughts that are passive aggressive, vengeful, self-righteous, or patriarchal anger wanting’ justice’ .

ALL are forgiven who seek a change in consciousness to ground destructive behavior willingly to serve others.

For further understanding on how the dark serves LIGHT read ‘my post ‘Tree of Knowledge/Life’
Anonymous Coward
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United States
05/27/2013 05:43 PM
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Re: Archons/aliens/ rulers of us all
I really enjoyed this post, I just came about the information that you are explaining in another article online and then just totally unrelated found your post today and it makes complete sense. Even though this may sound crazy to some, it really explains a lot. I have been asking for the truth of our existence and I think I may have found it in this info. People like David dIcke get crazy hate from people because it sounds so outlandish, but I think he has also really touched on some truthful information that the masses just aren't ready to hear, but regardless they will soon be forced to experience the truth. People should really try to see beyond our reality and 5 senses, the whole truth is stranger than fiction really applies here, but for most it will be like opening Pandoras box.