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Message Subject I believe the BP oil spill, Salt dome, and New Madrid Fault are in fact connected..remember this?? see link *Updated as info comes out*
Poster Handle moot
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Before the BP oil spill, it was estimated that around one million barrels worth of oil leaked naturally out of the sea floor in the gulf of mexico. Oil also seeps out of the sea floor off of the California coast near Santa Barbara. Oil seeps are in fact, numerous all over the world.

Oil is the fuel of choice, especially with 21st century technology, because it is cheap, easy to produce and store, and despite what you may believe is better for the envirenment then other choices. Take wind farms for example. Every year, literally millions of birds are killed by the blades of the wind driven generators. FAR more are killed in a single month then were killed in the BP spill, and the Exxon Valdez spill combined.

Without oil, we would not produce enough food to feed everyone. There would be no plastics to manufacture nearly all consumer goods availabe today.
Oil Companies employ HUGE numbers of workers, paying them quite well.

Yet, to many people, oil is seen as the bad guy.

And I find that shit funny as hell...
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Hemp can change this but what you say is true.
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