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Message Subject I believe the BP oil spill, Salt dome, and New Madrid Fault are in fact connected..remember this?? see link *Updated as info comes out*
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I don't see how they could have planned it, but there is a connection.
 Quoting: Epic Beard Guy

Here is the connection. The BP spill was because a faulty blow out preventer which had just been inspected and declared safe by the Federal Government failed with catastrophic results.
The Federal Government failed to inspect Texas Brines salt dome, or rather inspected it an declared it safe When in reality, the brine level must have dropped to almost fresh water levels, eroding the entire salt dome and causing it to fail.

The connection is, FUCK THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT!! They don't know shit about private industry, and if they would just step aside, maybe private industry could actually work again..
 Quoting: Whiskey Brother 11702187

The Congress cut funding for safety inspection. You know, cut funding then some shit hits the fan. Who want regulations, it stifles job growth, but if it's not safe and were all sick or dead who needs a job.
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