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Message Subject I believe the BP oil spill, Salt dome, and New Madrid Fault are in fact connected..remember this?? see link *Updated as info comes out*
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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For me it is the fracking that really makes it all look like it is a plan for man-made 2012 catastrophe. The very concept of fracking is a ridiculous insult to mankind itself. I know people in PA that lost their homes when fracking destroyed their aquifer and they lost their CO. How come all these douche bags never talk about using less energy, it's always drill, drill, drill. Try googling "the earth at night" and tell me that we really have no choice but to light up America like a fricken Christmas tree like we do. I was never afraid of the dark myself, I rather like it and use as little electricity as I can, but I guess the CEO's of energy companies can't afford the European Summer homes if people used less, could they?

Throw in HAARP and they can collapse the very earth under our feet and conveniently blame it on Planet X and start sending those survivors to the FEMA camps. Heck, they may even have a season of the stupid TV show, Survivor-FEMA! Would not suprise me in the least.
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