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Obunghole Is Supposed To Be 50% White, But ...


User ID: 4253192
United States
10/10/2012 06:14 PM
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Re: Obunghole Is Supposed To Be 50% White, But ...
What exactly would I be trolling for?? I was hoping to learn something new based on what you posted.

I asked you legitimate questions YESTERDAY & TODAY that you barely answered WITHOUT any real facts or substance.

The really sad part is that you're too blind to realize you have no history, and stealing someone else's history, accomplishments and claiming them as your own doesn't count.

Pope = KKristianity Klan
 Quoting: beachcruiser68

What are you talking about? I have over 30 years of history. Everything else is hearsay.
 Quoting: The Guy

You have 30 years of LIES, disguised as 'history'. Everything else that spews from your KKRISTIANITY mouth is hearsay...

 Quoting: beachcruiser68

Are you really too dense to understand that I was talking about my own memories? You've ceased to be entertaining. Goodbye, and may you find fulfillment living in that tiny little mind of yours.
 Quoting: The Guy

The pope owns your 'memories' and you...