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Message Subject Obunghole Is Supposed To Be 50% White, But ...
Poster Handle The Guy
Post Content

Not really, no. But you're only naming two extremes. Most people are somewhere between the two. Genetically, it looks like the original humans had "peppercorn" hair, like the !Kung and San people. Everything we have now is genetic drift from that, but doesn't seem to give any particular advantage.

Edit: BTW, we're not different species. We can interbreed. On that you can trust me. :-)
 Quoting: The Guy

What 'color' is the original species?

ReEdit: You're not a good teacher yet, so no, I don't trust you :-)
 Quoting: beachcruiser68

Light brown.
 Quoting: The Guy

Do the 'light browns' have a name? Place of origin?
 Quoting: beachcruiser68

Humans. Eden.
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