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Message Subject Obunghole Is Supposed To Be 50% White, But ...
Poster Handle The Guy
Post Content

But John Hanson was not President of the United States.

"White" people don't have a total lack of melanin, otherwise tanning would be impossible.
 Quoting: The Guy

Google is your friend:

First president of USA (REPUBLIC) was John Hanson (A BLACK MAN) ...
1781-1782... Look at the back of your $2 bill, he's the heavy melanated one in a crowd of non melanites.

According the american HIStory, Egyptians were white, so did suntan lotion originate from Egypt (Africa)?

Africa is kinda hot...
 Quoting: beachcruiser68

Look again. John Hanson was President of the Continental Congress, not President of the United States.

Some Egyptian dynasties were European, and some were African. The European ones were probably quite heavily tanned, just like the current inhabitants of Egypt. This is because of UV radiation, not heat.
 Quoting: The Guy

Dissect how you want, but JH was America's first president :-)

Wow! How many European dynasties originated in Africa or were they 'discovered'?

Also, if Africa is known for UV radiation, why would the 'highly intellectually' European choose hot ass Africa to build pyramids and create their dynasties?

Is the spray tan a creation from the Egyptian European dynasty?
 Quoting: beachcruiser68

Just when I think you're being serious, you turn to ridicule. Why is that? Humans have been traveling all over the Earth since forever. We've found European mummies in Asia, statues with African features in South America, etc. All ancient civilizations were founded on fertile farmland by river deltas. People conquer back and forth over the best real-estate.
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