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Message Subject Obunghole Is Supposed To Be 50% White, But ...
Poster Handle beachcruiser68
Post Content
A critical thinker doesn't exist amongst ANY form of christianity.

Did you not see what I said about RACE?

Your peodophile reptilian master, the Pope, created 'race' and PROFITS off RACISM...

Your species is NOT welcomed on this planet anymore :-)
 Quoting: beachcruiser68

And there you go with the "race" crap and making assumptions based on it. Your mind is a small, lonely place.
 Quoting: The Guy

Ignorance is a food source for your kind...

 Quoting: beachcruiser68

If you're trolling, just admit it. I know that I'm smarter and better-read than you, and you could stand to learn a thing or three from me, but you won't even update your rote phrases based on comments I've made. You're either a troll or a bot, or a person hopelessly deluded by his own cognitive dissonance.
 Quoting: The Guy

What exactly would I be trolling for?? I was hoping to learn something new based on what you posted.

I asked you legitimate questions YESTERDAY & TODAY that you barely answered WITHOUT any real facts or substance.

The really sad part is that you're too blind to realize you have no history, and stealing someone else's history, accomplishments and claiming them as your own doesn't count.

Pope = KKristianity Klan
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