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Message Subject The vaccine empire has collapsed
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
You can't walk into walgreens or CVS without being bombarded by 'get your flu shot' signs...even the employees have to wear pins. It's sick. It really is a cult.

A few days ago I had to pick up a prescription for my husband at Rite Aid.

 Quoting: LittleMissDictator

RiteAid Sucks! Don't go there. Them and their wellness spy card.
Last time I went there the cashier asked me if I wanted a wellness card. I asked her if I had to put down any personal info to get one, like my name address, phone etc. She said, "Of course, but it's just so they can send you some great offers." BS! It's so they can spy on your shopping habits and share it with other retailers.
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