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Message Subject The vaccine empire has collapsed
Poster Handle jcab2002
Post Content
They are really pushing the Shingles vaccine to those over 50 this year here, as part of the regular flu-shot drive. What next? Pink eye?
 Quoting: Buck Zander

Last week I had my yearly physical & I swear the only reason the Dr. asked me to come in for a physical was so she could try to persuade me to take (5) vaccines.

Flu shot.

she spent more time telling me about them & why I should get them than she spent on the entire physical. She sounded more like a rep for big pharma than a doctor. This doctor is a graduate since Jan 2010. Is this what they are teaching them in med school now. Of course I told her the reason I'm so healthy is because I don't take vaccines, which didn't impress her.
 Quoting: ohhappydays

[link to www.indybay.org]

1 Doctors in 1976 struck in Los Angeles County for a month.
The death rate droped 18%.
2 Doctors struck in 1983 for 4 months in Israel... there was no change in the death rate
3 It is said that in World War 2 with doctors drafted to areas outside the US, the death rate within the US went down.
4 Doctors struck in 1984 in Varkaus Finland. No increase in the death rate was seen.
5 The British Medical Journal reported in June 2000 on another Israeli strike 3 months went by and death rates fell significantly in cities of strikes.
6 In 2003, 4 hospitals closed in Toronto. Many operations were cancelled. . The greater Toronto area death rate went down.
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