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Message Subject The vaccine empire has collapsed
Poster Handle Frater
Post Content
As one of those usually robust, healthy adults, i'd say skip the shot. Who knows wtf they put in those things.

I once got a flu shot and i got the flu!

The next year went to get a shot but was turned away as the doctor was out sick with the flu! Didn't bother trying to get one again that year. I didn't get the flu that year.

Work out a little, eat well, have lots of sex, get lots of sun and party like the end of the world is coming (oh wait ummm maybe... lol).

And skip those stupid shots, youll be fine :)

And avoid flouride, it ruins your mind and body. Don't forget you shouldn't be showering in that crap either, MOVE if it's in the tap.


PS My GF's Mom up in Montreal, they were trying to kill Her! She was on a dozen different medications and was decling rapidly and mental clarity had left the building. I said whow now! What are all these damn pills? Googled them all extensively and took her off all but one and that one cut the dosage in half. Extended energy to her... shes recovered nicely and is back to being her normal sharp witted silliness.

She's NOT getting a flu shot!
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