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Message Subject Catholic Church says, "Path To Heaven means pay them TAXES"
Poster Handle KK
Post Content
Germans have paid church taxes since or even before WW2. I myself have lived and worked in Germany and paid said taxes through direct deposit, (It was taken out of my check every month).

I think many Catholic Germans are not opposed to the tax itself, I think the hard economic times make them balk at the amount of taxes that are being taken. Germany is one of the most heavily taxed countries in Europe, if not the world. They even have Radio & TV taxes, car taxes, pet taxes (yes you even have to pay taxes for fido, felix and tweety).

Let's say you don't own a radio or television in your home, you still have to pay Radio & TV taxes if you have a radio in your car (besides the car tax). So yes, I can understand the anger. It isn't like here in the States where people give what they can afford to give at services.
 Quoting: Mr. D 4603964

Yeah, I think you're right. Time to tax the mega transnational corporations for their use of the world's resources, instead of citizens.
 Quoting: KK 23870991

I agree, totally. They will still try to worm their way out of it by using Tax loop holes or passing it on to the consumer making everything more expensive. Laws have to be modified to prevent that.
 Quoting: Mr. D 4603964

Agreed again!

It is entirely possible to pass laws preventing the mega corporations from passing on the costs of an extra global tax. Imagine how many problems would get solved by this money! Africa for starters.
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