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IMPORTANT!!!***Doom 10/8-10/10

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10/09/2012 07:08 PM
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IMPORTANT!!!***Doom 10/8-10/10
siren2 siren2 siren2 siren2

For those of you who remember, I Said last week we would see a serious escalation in the nwo's agenda or a cataclysmic event throughout 10/8-10/10 based on research that i have done and some tips that i have gotten from people.

Unfortunately i will be unable to keep up with what happens due to lack of internet/tv for a few days so i will recap some key things to note just to prove my first ever prediction was more than correct.

October 8, 2012


Turkey Returns Fire After Mortar From Syria Lands in Countryside in Turkey's Hatay Province - Turkish State Official

- This was a big escalation due to the fact that it was the 6th straight day of fire bewtween the countries. Turkey brought even more tanks to its border as well as MISSILE DEFENSE SYSTEMS.

-PM Erdogan told the citizens of his country to prepare for war with Syria.

-Erdogan pressures International community to act on syria

-Moscow warns of foreign intervention

-Syrian shell slams into Lebanon (crossing another border)

-Turkey attacks Kurds in Northern Iraq (another border)

Pipeline blast in eastern Turkey halts Iran natural gas flow

-Obviously an act of war on Turkey's part, while also slowing Iran's crumbling economy of its one and only precious export.


-Israeli short range missile shot into Palestine. It was then answered with55 missiles. This was a huge acceleration. Palestine is showing its resistance stronger than ever

-Israel then responded taking out a bunch of their rocket launching squads

BREAKING: Huge Explosion at Air-Force Intelligence Bldg in Damascus - Large Number of Casualties Reported

-This is probably the most important thread. This is because in revelations it says the end will be at hand when Syria is at war and DAMASCUS is destroyed. The 2 explosions ocurred east of damascus. This means that the infiltrators are getting very close to the heart of damascus and have the means to fulfill the prophecy.

BREAKING INTEL: US Cargo Vessel Going To Kuwait Carrying NATO Tanks and Other Equipment

-Kuwait is on the border of iran and iraq. This gives the U.S a great advantage in pursuing iran as well as syria.

BREAKING REPORT: Iran Can Achieve Enough Weapons-Grade Uranium to Make Nuke Bomb in 2 Months!! Airlines Suspending Flights to Iran

-Obviously propoganda but this means it gives bibi the right to parade his acme bomb poster and let the world know its time to attack.


-The U.S government official amended a fema bill that allows the government to prepare for mass fatalities. Something is obviously in the works and it probably coincides with the war as well as the sink holes going on around the United states. Maybe even the asteroid that is dangerously close to the earth on the 12th

BREAKING: Meningitis Outbreak increases to 105 Cases with 8 Dead. Thousands at Risk

-A epidemic could be in the works across the United States due to a Vaccine given all around the U.S

California Is Taking Emergency Action To End Its Gas Price Nightmare!!!

-In some places within cali the gas prices are up to 6.00 a gallon. They will be taking in reserves to drop it 10-15 cents. What they are really doing is conditioning the people to accept 5.75 gas prices as if it were cheap gas. It is also dipping into their winter funds which could cause a increase in prices throughout the winter.

October 9, 2012

Unreal Insane Head scratching Sinkhole Water Main Break doom

-All throughout the united states there are "water main breaks" causing much worry. This along with the LA sinkhole that is widening and sounding more lethal by the day could be quite a serious disaster.

BREAKING NEWS NOW - Series of shell explosions in Central Russia, plumes of smoke rising

-This could very well be a terrorist attack withion russia to destroy 400 tons of ammunition that could have been ment to be used for future event (wwIII, syrian conflict). Though the news say they were ment to be destroyed and noone was hurt, it is up to the russian government to tell what really happened. They will not show weakness

BRKNG: Turkey And Syria Exchange Fire For 7th Straight Day; Turkey Masses Troops & Deploys 25 F-16s To Syria Border

-After a week of back and forth battling between syria and turkey, turkey has deployed 25 more f 16's to the border. it seems that they are stock piling tons of military assets on the border of syria. Syria is also debating full military mobilization.

-Syrian rebels took over a city between damascus and aleppo, a very strategic area for both the FSA as well as the syrian regime.

-NATO signals readiness to attack syria

-Russian Envoy: Nato is planning attack on NATO

-2 more blasts near syrian capital. Once again it is prophecized that the end is at hand when damascus is destroyed. They are inching their way to this prophecy. Wont be long until they do the unthinkable

-100's of U.S troops traveling to israel to practice a joint strike on iran; Seems like an appropriate time, ehh?

More US Military Cargo Vessels going to Kuwait

-Remember, Yesterday they began sending cargos to kuwait. Now today they are sending more. remember, kuwait is on the border of iran and on the border of iraq.

The US Says It's Definitely Backing Up France If It Intervenes In Mali

-The government is spreading our military across the world so we cannot defend our homeland. Think about it. Just in time for an economic implosion where people will hit the streets and DHS will have to use those 1.5 billion bullets

North Korea claims US mainland within range of missiles!!!!

-Another pawn on an elitist chess board. Everyone is joining the fun

Biggest shipping company in the world stops shipping to Iran!

-This is huge. Iran's crumbling economy will be slowed even more due to this company no longer doing business with them. There are currently no food restrictions in regards to the sanctions but this will take a huge bite out of that.

So as you can see i have done my research and i hope from here out everyone takes the predictions that i claim very seriously. This was my first and i dont know when my next one will be. The prediction last through tomorrow so something even bigger could happen tomorrow but i will not be able to take notice. Just through the energy in the air.

Take care GLP'ers.

siren2siren2 siren2 siren2 :