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Message Subject BOMBSHELL!! OMG Obama's Wedding Ring says...
Poster Handle niphtrique
Post Content
I think you see too much in the ring, but this is a conspiracy website, so who cares. It is all part of the Plan of God. One day you will accept the truth.

There is no god but God, and Mohammed was Godís prophet.

Islam means surrender to God. God likes to play games with words so you will all become Muslims (in the sense that you surrender yourself to God).

God has a surprise in store for the Muslims too. God is a woman an Mohammed was Her toyboy. There will be no talk about Mohammed being a paedophile in the future (see link below: God is a woman and Jesus was Her husband).

There is no need to copy the medieval practises from the men with beards. They will stop killing and blowing up things once they see the truth too. If you do not believe me now, you probably will at some point in the future.

God planned 9/11 as well as everything else. You are nothing more than part of a programme. God does not care for you. If you think so, your religion has deluded you. Just look at the evidence:

[link to www.naturalmoney.org]

Capitalism is the greatest evil we have today. It destroys the planet because usury is at its core (see link below: Money of the Natural Economic Order). Islam has many flaws but it opposes usury. Do not think that Money will save you from God.

My guess is that the US will be the first country to surrender and that it doesn't matter who will be in office: Barack the so called Muslim or Mitt the Mormon.
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