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Message Subject BOMBSHELL!! OMG Obama's Wedding Ring says...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Big BIRD and ELMO are Multi-Million Dollar Business Deals... and can SUPPORT their own PBS Shows.

Just look in the STORES at all the MERCHANDISE and VIDEOS...

Give me a FRICKEN BREAK... they do not need our TAX DOLLARS... from which 40 Cents oon the Dollar is a BANK NOTE on your GRAND KIDS ASS to China to pay for.


Let's Get Real Here.

A Ring? A religious discussion on Obama's faith? Your all
missing what happened last week.
Big-bird, one of America's most famous symbols was attacked
by Mitt 'the bird killer' Romney - that is a sin! Repent
Mitt Romney; Apologize to the Bird and wise up and vote
for Obama!

dick -Birds, terrorists, communists and left wingers are
all the same to us Republicans. Trust Halliburton and the
military w'll kill off the riff-raff and employ the rest
hunting those monster Sesame Street Birds corrupting our
children. And will pay them enough bird feed to keep them
going. That Obama is for the birds. Trust my boy Romney
he is more like my boy George.
bushfing-to you liberals!
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