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Message Subject BOMBSHELL!! OMG Obama's Wedding Ring says...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
:Obama Ring with :

Gabriel, born to Muslim parents in Upper Egypt, grew up immersed in Islamic culture. He memorized the Quran at age of 12 and graduated in 1990 with a Masters degree from the prestigious Al-Azhar University in Cairo, the preeminent Sunni Muslim institution of learning.

He explained that on Obama’s ring, the declaration “There is no god except Allah” (La Ilaha Illallah) is inscribed in two sections, one above the other.

On the upper section, “There is no god” is written in Arabic letters, from right to left: Lam, Alif, Alif, Lam, Ha.

On the lower section is “except god,” written in Arabic letters from right to left: Alif, Lam, Alif, Alif, Lam, Lam, Ha.

In the lower section, the word “Allah” is written partially on top of the word “except,” noted Gabriel, the author of “Islam and Terrorism” and “Journey Inside the Mind of an Islamic Terrorist.”

It is common in Islamic art and Arabic calligraphy, especially when expressing Quranic messages on jewelry, to artfully place letters on top of each other to fit them into the allotted space.
 Quoting: No Dhimmi

What the hell is all that shapes of snakes on the ring? (refer to original message to see Image embaded who cannot see it here) Fool yourself with that Rubbish, because you like things like that.

If you want to entertain yourself with Arabic, here is the full script of the testimony of Islam written in Arabic, this is commonly found in Islamic Flags

[link to aaiil.org]
This image has the complete testimony of Islam with the prophets name on it.
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