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Message Subject BOMBSHELL!! OMG Obama's Wedding Ring says...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
OK, so he's a muslim !

The sky is blue, the moon is grey...what else is new ?

He was born in Kenya and lived in Indonesia, why is everyone acting like it's such a big surprise he's a muzzie !?
 Quoting: subzero86

Because Americans are stupid, naive, and gullible.
He could have walked up to the podium in robes, a turban
with a Koran under his arm, and said "I am a Christian".

America's response: "Oh, OK"
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25301822

While Mitt Romney is not a christian - he is a Mormon - a made up religous cult. But that's ok with you guys right.

Oh, and he was also determined to uphold a woman's right to choose while governor of Massachusetts, but now he's not - but that's ok with you because he is WAY whiter than Obama.

So much hyporcisy in your support of this candidate that it is mind-blowing.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 2169888

Why can't you get over the "black" thing. It is not about race but about character! If Obama were 100% white rather than the 50% that he is, you would most likely be criticizing his lack of character also. So, who is the racest here? What a lame excuse. Romney is no better to me they are two sides of the same coin. However, this race crap is getting old and tired. I am sure you are aware that a Muslim can lie to a non-Muslim if it furthers the case for Islam. So one would therefore assume, it is all lies. Anyway, have a good day.
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