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Message Subject PROOF that the whole Kate Middleton naked thing was an ENERGY HARVESTING RITUAL!!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Those pictures were rather unimpressive to be used as part of an energy harvesting ritual.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 4428411

They work with what they've got, and that can be pretty sad. I mean, Georgie W.? Harrison Bounel? It is quite a comedic cast of characters. Those that agree to work for the dark side are not dealing with a full deck.

AND it also explains why so many of our movie and TV shows are dreck. The illuminutties will only allow certain people - those who will do their bidding - to be "stars," and that really limits the field. PLUS they put their spells and symbols and signs in everything (commercials, billboards, songs, etc.), which often injects a nonsensical and dark quality to them.

It does explain some very bad casting decisions, though. Not to mention the winners of "prestigious" awards (they're not prestigious if they're being awarded because favors were called in, or because the crazies that be want to make a point, like giving Obama a peace prize while he blows up innocent Afghan men, women, and children with drones).

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