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Message Subject PROOF that the whole Kate Middleton naked thing was an ENERGY HARVESTING RITUAL!!!!
Poster Handle UndercoverAlien
Post Content
I strongly suspected that her exposure was an occult ritual for sexual energy harvest and now I'm 110% sure...b) Kate Middleton still harvesting sexual energy wherever she goes.
 Quoting: UndercoverAlien

You're probably onto something there. He met her at a "fashion show," where she was wearing some see-through thing.

I got the impression, just seeing the photos on magazine covers, that she knew she was being photographed. You know she and William were married on Hitler's wedding date, right? And some say William is the so-called "false prophet." To me, he's always seemed like kind of a milquetoast, so that would be a stretch. Here's an interesting video about it:


This guy also has a theory that the crazies that be are going to launch a nuke at the San Onofre power plant, in San Diego, and that the Kate thing was related to that. They're all about symbols and spells, and the power plant looks exactly like a couple of breasts.

Bottom line: We need to pray for both of them. They are illuminutties, or nuttie minions. They know not what they're doing, even if they think they do!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25301211

Kate Middleton is copycatting INANNA, Lilith and other reptilian "goddesses" who walked naked or half naked in ancient civilizations, probably with the same purpose of sex energy harvesting of the sheeple.

[link to imageupper.com]
[link to imageupper.com]
[link to imageupper.com]
[link to imageupper.com]
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