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Message Subject Flat screens and mind control
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This is my theory:

I'm a computer tech. Sometimes I notice weird things, other than people complaining that IE is slow when they have 20 toolbars and add-ons...then suddendly install google chrome and all is well and proceed to say that IE sucks when in reality they're the ones that suck. But I digress.

In '04, technology was more advanced than it is now. Laptops had a better screens, with full 24 bit color resolution, which had 8 bit color for each of the color channels. This enabled it to display 16.7 million colors, and as a result there was no need for an early 90's technology called dithering to be used to prevent the screen from pixelation due to lack of ability to display a separate color for each pixel. Dithering is a random scattering or movement of pixels to simulate the presence of a greater ability to display color.

But when Windows 7 came out, all of a sudden we forgot how to make a good display, and instead of advancing on to 12 bits per color channel we had to step backwards to six bits per color channel because we just could not produce a video chip for an LCD screen that could do it anymore.

There is one exception to this: And that is Apple. Oh guess what? Steve Jobs is dead. Wonder why? They have awesome screens btw.


They use dithering to control ur mind!! O_O!

Only in windows though.

Why would they willfully choose to have all displays take a quantum leap backwards (in this case approximately 12 years) when there was no economic reason to do it? LCD technology is old now, there is no reason to be stuck in the last century with it, unless, of course, you wanted to make an excuse and provide a venue through which a mind control effect could be added to any online content or offline program.

Oh hey, remember when everyone was illegaly forced to switch to digital television? Totally relevant.

/end rant
 Quoting: flashlight

Lots of steps back in Windows 7, not quite as bad as Vista. I hadn't paid attention to your point, but you are correct and it IS curious that we've moved backwards. I think it has less to do with mind control conspiracy than it has to do with actors (black's law).

As for TV - Illegally forced? You're still watching TV and on here studying conspiracies? Quit watching, there is no truth on television - it's just confusing you. Focus on living a rewarding life and learning instead of running home from work to watch the idiot box.
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