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Message Subject Flat screens and mind control
Poster Handle flashlight
Post Content
In short:- modulation.
Remember the old CRT TVs? Remember how awesome TV pictures were on a quality tube TV compared to TFT or LCD displays without an HD adapter?

Remember incandescent light bulbs & how they were brighter & produced a more even light that was more comfortable on the eyes compared to compact CFT bulbs?

Modulation & the ability of these new devices to carry digital signals is the answer. Analogue stuff can't carry modulated signals because it can't switch fast enough.
There have been proposals to use office fluorescent lighting as a wifi medium, both transmitting and possibly by receiving modulated light with the network signal. I guess the same might be true of panel TVs?
[link to sciencenetlinks.com]

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25280119

Remember ppl who still have incandescent light bulbs that are 35 years old and still work?

Planned obsolecense 4tl!
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