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Message Subject Flat screens and mind control
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Steve Jobs is dead because of this. Major issue btw.
 Quoting: flashlight

You are really insane and should seek some professional help..just thought you should know that.

Dithering is a dynamic pattering. One user will see something different than another based on a wide variation of conditions. These are including but not limited to, the brightness settings, resolution, refresh rate, and contrast.

The mind is controlled by what you physically see and hear. An image of a balloon, for example, may look like an image of a balloon to you, but subconsciously you might see something else, such as a violent or sexual object.

Mind control is also blatantly in front of you without being subliminal, such as just today, there's an akward photo of Romney at a school posted on news organizations all over. One side of the news posted it because "They thought it was innocently funny" - The other side says "They are intentionally making him look bad" --

When in actuality they are both posting it to ensure everyone knows that he was at that school. Why? Because, recently Obama had said something along the lines of "Romney Doesn't like Teachers." -- So they put him on the front page at a school, without directly saying "Hey, look he's at a school, he does like teachers."

^That is mind control.. Not a random group of dots to continue missing colors..
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