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Message Subject Flat screens and mind control
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Your theory has several holes in it, The first is monitors didn't have dithering as CRT monitors work differently, and reproduce their colours differently. I have an old LCD monitor I bought for £450 in 2003, the resolution is 1280x1024 and it is 6Bit+dithering.

You are also incorrect in saying all monitors use dithering... they do not, some of the cheaper models lack dithering and instead you get banding in gradients. My current monitor is 8bit and my next one will be a Sony oled monitor.

Current mainstream monitors are progressing in terms of colour reproduction, more and more monitors are using IPS panels instead of TN (meaning the screen doesn't go all weird when you look at it from an angle), and color depths are slowly improving. We are JUST starting to see 2560x1440 monitors becoming more common.

There are several stages to reach before we can really push up above 2560x1440, the first is Display Port needs to become more standardized, or the HDMI interface needs to vastly improve to first allow for the required bandwidth, the second is better graphics cards. My 670 would manage 2880x1800 tops (I've tested it at that res and it has no problem)

It's not the government themselves that use any form of mind control, it is the corporations and banks, their ads, tv commercials and audio ads contain very VERY well hidden subliminal binaural tones that can subtly effect our subconscious. For example every time you see a commercial for Lloyds TSB (UK bank) your subconscious may feel more stable, happier or any number of positive (or negative) feelings due to the audio tones, timing and frequency matching our brainwaves natural frequencies and ever so slightly adjusting to an alternative frequency.

Anyway back to your theory the 'mind control' to which you are referring this is most likely done through your speakers than your monitor or tv. Imagery can contain on purpose or accidental subliminal messages as well but they are much more easily detected and banned in most western countries.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 22888734

Indeed it is the corporations....in which governments are extensions of corporations.

How much did they pay you to make that post? My 3rd eye sensed an overwhelming sense urgency from this post that it almost knocked me off my train of thought. *edit* and my chair.

Awesome insight concerning speakers. You really do think 3 dimensionally.
 Quoting: flashlight

I wish I was getting paid to post, I wouldn't be in so much bloody debt and could afford a night out.

I've always lived by the "I know it happens, I know dark stuff happens, I know shit that people shouldn't know as well", but what exactly can I do about it apart from prepare when it all falls apart.

What I have done to prepare is have somewhere "off the grid" prepared, specifically an original hippy commune that's been living off the land for several generations and are aware and happy for me to turn up any time, they grow their own food, make their own clothes and the nearest village, town or city is 50km away (being in England makes being any farther away impossible). On top of this I have prepared 2 backup locations, Hidden enough supplies at all 3 locations for 2 months survival. I also have a bug out bag with the following supplies in it...

4 x 1 litre bottles of water
A small first aid pack
a 1 litre bottle of expensive Russian vodka
2 boxes of matches, 1 refillable lighter and lighter fluid in a water proof bag.
Water filtration bottle
Water purification tablets
A pot (for boiling water)
4 x canned food goods
2 x small cans of tuna
6 x energy bars
Water purifying kit
1 change of tough clothes with extra socks
A rope ladder + extra rope
Sleeping bag
LED torch with extra batteries in water proof bag
Large hunting knife
A small collection of gold coins
80x batteries that fit both LED torch, mp3 player + 4 sets of in-ear headphones in water proof bag
spare mp3 player in a waterproof bag
Backup Map
A set of walkie talkies that take the same batteries that fir mp3 player and torch in water proof bag
2 x bag of skittles
And a bandanna

To wear I have a thick leather biker jacket, biker leather gloves (I'm not a biker!), big sturdy boots and strong and good quality clothing. On my person I would carry...

Wind up radio.
Hit flask with vodka.
Bottle of hydrating energy drink.
2 x energy bars, battery powered mp3 player.
Mobile phone (just in case) with spare battery.
2 x box of tic taks
Small swiss army knife/toolset
and a bag of skittles

It's definitely not your average survival gear, but it works for me... and you can't have an apocalypse without a bag of skittles that'd just be wrong!

In all seriousness though music helps the soul in these situations... mainly 80's and older music but others may have different tastes.

The reason I know what to take, when to take it is I have done several practice 'runs'. I have left my house in the city (I live in London) and walked to the outskirts, then spent a 2 - 4 weeks walking to my bugout location(s) in Wales and on the way to Wales with my bugout bag and 'tested' to make sure I have the right things, sort of like roll-playing but by myself. I have tried to simulate the worst possible case scenarios on my journey, I've pretended my route was blocked and taken an alternative way to simulate not being able to go a certain way. I've also purposely gotten myself lost to simulate getting lost for real and used my map to get back on track. I have successfully gotten to Wales and stayed in all 3 of my bug out locations for exactly 7 days and was getting on perfectly fine at the end of the 7 days.

I know it's only a simulation of what I'd do when things go to hell but it has really helped me get a feel for what it would be like to be in that situation for real, It is also the best way to prepare. Something most of you who have prepared haven't taken into account is comfort items, such as music... and in my case Vodka. Also if I was captured, kidnapped, about to get shot or had some other unfortunate situation where I knew 100% I was going to die the alcohol would help greatly in that sort of situation... along with 'cleaning' any cuts.
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