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Message Subject Flat screens and mind control
Poster Handle Funney
Post Content
mind control is targeting human senses
it is our best tool and also our biggest weakness

the dithering:

is a method for simulation of hues colors
just like you got gray shade from 50% black + 50% white (raster - a checkboard.. with black and white dots si making the "impression" that it is gray .. but in reality it is a checkboard - raster - summ of 2 colors

same with colors... blue + yellow = green
it has to do with the limit of your graphics card display
(8bit or less... dithering is used for display simulation as if real 16bit..but it is not and you will find it when working as a graphic, 16bit and more ...dithering is useless here)

my summ up:
no mind control at all
bad associations and predjudices do much worse things with you
than this..
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