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Message Subject Flat screens and mind control
Poster Handle flashlight
Post Content
So, if I get it right, the only lethal combination in this one is Windows 7 + LCD screen? Man, I've been using Windows 7 ever since it came out, my computer is plugged into 40" Bravia LCD. I have been browsing this and other conspiracy forums for years. I don't watch TV, apart from few games of Euro or World Cup in football. No news, no tv shows. Occasional DVD to say wow at the more and more advanced graphics used for special fx. I tend to question everything I find out from the digital world. GLP has some sick stories posted. Some of the people who post them should definitely talk to Frank. I play some PS3 games(sport, no violence) . I have fake FB account. Android phone. And a fake Google account. Two actually.
And then, there's another side. I fucking hate the whole system. I'm financially autistic, I have no budgeting skills whatsoever. I don't believe any politicians. Opposition in politics was created for illusive purposes. And to divide us. And we're being constantly reassured that some people are worse than others, that there are equal and more equal, religious beliefs and religious fanatics, that your sexual preference defines your personal values. To create conflicts. Two political parties that represent two sides of the same flag - money. Weapons industry, no comments if you look at what it could be spent on. Pharmaceutics - poison, mostly.Toxic foods, yes, I'm aware of them. We're being poisoned, slowly. There is alternative power. And it's free. As everything on this planet should be. We were born under the same one Sun and therefore we should all share equally all the available resources surrounding us, given to us by mother Earth. We don't need passports. We don't need money. Only weapons we need should be kept deep underground or in the orbit of our planet, just in case of interplanetary war. There is enough for everyone, just not everyone thinks they have enough. And I could go on and on and on... In other words, I feel like I'm waiting for the masses to wake the fuck up and be like "ffs finally, wipe your eyes and let's build it all from the scratch, this shit sucks."

So, how did I survive the massive hypnosis? Doesn't work on everyone? Or not everyone is a target? I should definitely be a target, browsing conspiracy websites, no proxy, freeware antivir and firewall, etc. Average Joe you might say. Well very fucking aware average Joe. No dithering shit will mess my brain up. I tell you what. Roll one, smoke one, chillax.

P.S. If I were to point to a hypnotic device for morons, it would definitely be the all-mighty-super-hipster-one-button-idiot-proof iWhatever. No offence.

 Quoting: Echo3012

Indeed the combo is win7 + non-apple LCD. Cool story btw, you and I think a lot alike.

The subliminal messaging is for another breed of humans, not us.
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