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Message Subject How BP and the LA Sinkhole will DESTROY SEVEN STATES.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
There has always been a disaster they were prepping for. The big time, radio conspiracy guy is probably just a snipe hunt. He is an agent I presume and serving the nation by running interference. You can't debate if he is or isn't serving, but that is my take.

This overarching conspiracy is very complex, with a lot of moving parts. A lot of different factions using many angles.

Some cartels are being advantageous, some are getting a stay of execution until this blows over and some are actually good. The only thing I can tell is they agree on one thing, whatever is coming for us is big and has them all temporarily allied and they have placed moratoriums on going after one another.

Obama was not sick in that debate, he was scared shitless. He is very close to deep intel on what is coming. Willard will not win, because there is no time to get him up to speed. I am not being political, it is just a hunch ( and I like using his real name).

Is it the fluff, the solar cycle/flares, the galactic plane, inner earth issues, a long elliptical brown dwarf or all of the above? My guess at least one of the issues I mentioned are what they are scared of and preparing for.

My theory simplified is this...something so panic causing to the population of Earth has been agreed upon by the greatest of enemies that its name shall not be spoken to the public until they have no other choice.

The financial crisis and the seeming WWIII prep...all and excuse to be constantly meeting and moving around military for the Big Bang. That is why Isreal is being blown off while the US still seemingly focuses on their largest enemy. This is bigger than Isreal. Their crying over a strip of beech front property is trivial now.

All a theory for now.
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