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Message Subject When SHTF weapon suggestions for close encounters.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
For a close encounter tool, that is probably the easiest question of all time. Either a good field knife or a tomahawk. This is coming from someone who is actually well trained on tonfas, kamas, nunchakus, sai, bo staff, you get the picture.

Whether in an urban emergency scenario or woodland survival scenario you're going to want the tool that can be doubled up to do other things such as build a shelter, start a fire, make other tools, etc. Also for the sake of combat, a knife has a better learning curve for effectiveness. Same with a tomahawk. Another thing to consider is getting around with that gear. Think about the food you will have to carry, water, sleeping bag or hammock, hygiene products, possible rifle and ammo. You need to consolidate it all as much as possible and in regards to a close range combat tool, you need something you can operate with even after having walked miles and you're tired and exhausted. If you choose to buy a knife, I have a soft spot for the kabars but there are a lot of great choices out there. I have a preference to the carbon steel because it stays sharper longer but you find what you can. Hope you find the right tool for your needs.
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