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Message Subject When SHTF weapon suggestions for close encounters.
Poster Handle soldier32
Post Content
I will have to go with the knife or Tomahawk as will. The Tomahawk you can hit someone with from a little distance if needed. And the fear facter of it will help a lot.

But I will always pick guns over all other, like AR-15, SHOTGUN, and hand guns.

AR-15 - Good for protiction from close to out to 300 yards and more.

Shotgun - Good for close.

Hand gun - Good for close. 9mm one of the most used ammo in the US. Easy to find.

22 rifle - This one would be used for hunting only, not so load and ammo very cheap. Also the #1 ammo sold in the US, so it will be a lot easyier to find if needed.

In the military we were always trained that if we must turn to are knifes and even are hand guns, we are in trouble, so keep that in mind, and try to keep enemies out at a distance. You need to spot them first, so always put your self in a position were you will.
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