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Message Subject When SHTF weapon suggestions for close encounters.
Poster Handle Codetwister
Post Content
I like this thread.

I keep multiple weapons both on hand, and in various locations nearby - within a 1 hour walking distance, which for me is approx. 8-10Km radius.

While I do NOT feel comfortable disclosing the contents of my stock - its a security thing, we know this forum is watched - My suggestion? Watch some videos of some of the armaments already mentioned IN ACTION, and make a decision on what you think will work best for you.

My point here is that, for example, a spikey war club might be an ideal melee weapon for a larger man, a man who is smaller in stature might want to opt with a standard wooden baseball bat with lots o' nails in its sweetspot.

Don't oversell your weapon of choice. What works for one person is completely inappropriate for another.
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