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Message Subject Parents Sue Dr. after Baby's Head cut off during birth
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
A local family is suing a group of high-risk pregnancy specialists in Creve Coeur after they claim a doctor made a last-minute decision that led to a shocking chain of events. ***Caution, details of this lawsuit are very graphic and some could find disturbing.***

[link to www.kmov.com]
 Quoting: Let Freedom Ring

my initial impression after reading the text of that story from the link provided was 'which country is CREVE COEUR, Mo. in'
I obviously thought it was a 3rd world country, then to my shock I see this is in the US ffs.

what nationality was the doctor? ([b]although I can imagine he wasn't a white American doctor)
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25186673

racist much?
 Quoting: One*Bandit


I wouldn't expect this in a 1st world country.
I have been misdiagnosed by a Pakistani doctor who could hardly speak English, who was working in an English doctors surgery. He misdiagnosed my simple condition 3 times. Then a really good Indian doctor resolved the problem in my first visit. He spoke very good English and was very professional. The Indian doctor was very surprised that I had been given the wrong treatment for this condition as it was a very simple one that a qualified doctor should have known.
We never had simple issues like like 30 years ago, so something is very wrong.
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