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Message Subject Parents Sue Dr. after Baby's Head cut off during birth
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This is why we didn't need tort reform as part of health care reform law, whether or not you agreed with it in principle. The insurance companies and doctors already have the system far more behind them and it's much more difficult for the party with the least power and resources to successfully attempt to make themselves whole without a bunch more laws limiting the caps of rewards in court and such. Not that there aren't those that abuse the justice system at our common expense, but if you compared that to the use of the justice system to settle petty squabbles over patents they use far more justice system resources without it being a problem, all paid for by taxpayers. Corporate involvement in lawsuits over a certain amount should be paid for by them and leave the justice system for the people to settle their disputes. The simple way would be for a brand new state corporate court for every state and corporate federal courts that mirror the current federal system. If it's a corporate plaintiff it can only take other corps to the venue, it cannot sue private citizens there. It's pay to play. You must pay an ongoing fee for your case to be heard which will dissuade the dragging on the case in court strategies in a lot of cases and produce a settlement.

sorry for the court diatribe here that is semi off topic, but the justice system has some real bad flaws which this set off in my head.
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