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with this quake , this is going to be my fourth quake in my life.

the first 3 where all about same , no sound , small short wave then slower bigger wave and stop.

this has a very erratic wave like this:

- 2-3 very fast hard boom on the surface not coming from below follow by erratic wave with rail train metal sound like

- pause

- 7-12 very fast hard boom with rail metal sound and a boom like 2 train just hit them self

- the end

if i had to gave a description of what i just fell i would say it was a big accident , something has just felt on us.

from my knowledge that was not felled like a usual quake caused my seismic motion but surely it was.

Many strange shaking and boom reported first as explosion or big accident by people around the world , so i really do not think Montreal is special in that case.

We do not know everything about earthquake event the best specialist so keep cool , those are just another kind of quake we do not yet fully recognize.
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