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Message Subject Top 10 Worst Countries To Travel
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
not a bad list

the inclusion of poland makes me laugh though, kind of stands out amongst all the usual suspects, but it really does give the impression of dreary. eastern europe in general gives the impression of a mishmash of indistinguishable and bleak countries though. doesnt appeal to me anyway

ive been to jamaica and my experience was good actually. nice people on the whole - and noticeably smiley, considering their lot. just got to be judicious about where you go. its a very beautiful country (unlike grand cayman where i lived for a few years, which was 'safe' but incredibly boring and flat, not so safe these days though)

ive been to dubai and agree, not much in the way of natural beauty. lots of soulless and empty-looking skyscrapers. traffic jams consisting of nothing but cruising gold-plated 4x4s

pretty restrictive obviously, but you can drink booze in your hotel and the people seemed reserved but friendly.

no fear of crime - saw the locals in their partially-hidden jimmy choos and designer handbags left largely unattended whilst they went to fetch their starbucks

wouldnt bother going back though and cant for the life of me understand why people go back year after year

this list sure makes me appreciate the country i was born in and live in!
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