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Message Subject Top 10 Worst Countries To Travel
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
At the airport check in they went through my personal diaries.
They asked me to tear up some pics of Madonna in pop garb.
A pic of my girlfriend wearing shorts.
Also a couple of magazines containing bikini pics.
All the buildings are ALIKE. Meaning that goddamed ARCH. No creativity no design, no variety anywhere. Its all arches and black ghoul women.
The islamic arch EVERYWHERE. IT psyches you out.
Everything here is geared for mind-control.
You want to see how fascism really looks, go here.
Maybe the devil did win out on some poor planet somewhere , and DID convert that whole planet into an islamic hell hole, but if you go here, you get an idea how that timeline future will look like here on Earth.
Within two months they made me terrified to look at girls.
You can go to jail if you so much as look at women. Loving religion? Lol.
Within a year I was a pale shadow of myself.
They had washed my mind, full and complete.
Took me ten years to de-program and de-traumatize myself.
That was how I came to know Islam thoroughly well.
There isn't a peaceful side to it. Its just a sham, the forces lie in the dark , teeths showing, while the 'freindly ' people outside lure you in. Its a giant demon creature. Whether it Morrocco, Turkey, Malaysia, Brunei, Maldives, ....all same. Hydra in disguise.
Be afraid . This is not a demon you should take lightly.

Soulless, like the poster above mentioned.
Islam , no matter where it goes, it creates a soulless, lifeless environment. At first I thought that this soullessness actually was good and maybe if you adhered to Islam you would find some good stuff deep in. But no, its soulless down there.
And darrrrrkk.
ANd there is something else there too.
Forboding, menacing, and licking its lips.
Hate Dubai to the core. Will never go there.
Its nice if you are withing a shopping mall, and within your freinds circle. But suddenly you hear about the British tourist who was arrested and flogged for kissing on the beach.
The Dubai Sheikh has a facebook page.
Even if he writes "I just took a dump in the royal loo" , within a couple of minutes he gets 30,000 'likes'.
Asslicking, and greedy money based people abound.
This place is the Illuminati money dump.

Nice place. Island resorts. Nice freindly people. Great sea food.
But islamic.
Worth a single visit, but there are other places too. Seychelles, Mauritius, Hawaii.
Goa is pretty good too. The Indians there are geared to work with foriegn tourists. The food is simply awesome.
Goan beer, fish curry rice, and a moonlit beach is great!
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