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Message Subject Top 10 Worst Countries To Travel
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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And no offense to any Saudis who might read this, but Saudi Arabia is pretty sterile, too. But it's fascinating in the same way North Korea or Turkmenistan is fascinating -- it's so different. There are some Nabatean ruins (same people who built Petra in Jordan) in the west of Saudi Arabia, north of Jeddah. There's a very cool Saudi Aramco Museum in Riyadh.Tells the history of oil in Arabia, and the American ties to it. Well done museum; not just for Saudi Arabia, but it's nice even by western standards. Saw the square in Riyadh where they give "the big chop". At the center of the square, the tile groundwork sort of angles down toward a grating. That's to drain the blood. Good times! :) But as a visitor, it's not my place to judge another country. Just to observe. Women and men in Saudi Arabia had separate entrances to some restaurants. In Jeddah, which is a little more liberal, it's a little bit more "western". Also, Jedda sits along the coast of the Red Sea. I saw some Saudi families -- man, woman, and children frolicking in the surf. The women were all wrapped up in their black robes and head wraps LOL That was different.
 Quoting: Thor's Hamster

I was in Jeddah. One year of turning my brain into zilch.
Jeddah was known as the city of death. Its history is replete with daily execution and head cutting. This is what the demon that is behind islam wants. After taking over the whole world , and converting every human into muslim, it will start what it really wants: Executions. The smell of blood, the smell of raw naked horrifying fear, the daily terror of the people...aaAAHHHHHHH! Can you smell the blood ? Yummmmm....

Thing is , you saw the whole thing as a tourist.
From that pov, its nice.
Saudi is clean, all the laterst cars, Ferraris' Porsches' et al. The wine bottle is the start. Next come your freedoms, one by one they will fall. Soon you will accept fear as a constant companion. Over time the fear will numb your thinking senses. Your brain becomes mulch.
And after a few years of that , you will be living walking robot.

I saw the whole thing as an employee, working in Jeddah for a year. ANd god forbid you don't see it as a cult-memeber. If their plan to take over the whole world succeeds, this world is history.
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