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Message Subject "$1.82"
Poster Handle SHR
Post Content
If Obama is re elected, We'll be looking at 6-7 Dollars a gallon. He wants to bring it on par with what the Europeans are paying per gallon.
 Quoting: Tanarus

That probably wouldn't be as bad as it sounds *IF* and I can't emphasise this enough, *if* you guys where allowed access to more efficient engines.. my Ford gets 65 US MPG in the real world, I drive 90 miles to work.

I was comparing the small Ford Commercials vans (trucks) and the same vehicle (bodyshape wise) gets 22 US MPG in America compared to 37 US MPG here, quite a disparity, plus the same vehicle is $2000 cheaper here.

So I can not help but come to the conclusion that raising your fuel prices to the level of European ones without at least giving you access to more efficient engines has 2 purposes, screw you guys over at home, and screw you guys over at work.

And even *if* they do offer you access to more efficient engines it still screws over every existing vehicle owner in the country both at home and at work..

In the real world the only word I can attach to this madness of Obama does plan to go that route is it'll make America "Unworkable"
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 16026864

The repukes scream bloody murder everytime the Democrats propose raising fuel efficiency standards.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25263811

Probably because CAFE standards have virtually ZERO to do with actually increasing MPG by using any sort of rational or efficient engineering methods. All they do is decrease the emission limits which destroys engine effiency and then say, "You gotta make your fleet get better MPG" and now we've made you build a shittier engine by law, the only way left to do that is increase the horse power to weight ratio. That results in lightweight POS plastic bubble mobiles that Most Americans hate anyway...They are building 60 mpg engines in Europe...just like we used to...because they don't subscribe to the same retarded standards we do here...in fact, WE build many of those engines for them.

It also has resulted in more highway fatalities...but that never seems to bother the Libs as long as they think they saved a tree....

CAFE Standards have killed more people, little cute babies included, over the last 50 years than SMALL POX...and that is a FACT...so suck it Libtards...
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