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Message Subject "$1.82"
Poster Handle SHR
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Bush went on tv during his presidency to try to explain the high cost of fuel prices....the networks harpooned him. Now under their beloved there are no interviews, no blaming except for blaming Bush. Crude prices in 08 where $150/barrell. They flux between $90-100 now. Why? Why the high gas prices?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1236944

Refining output has dropped a lot under this president due to him regulating several refineries out of business, we also cannot seem to build any new ones, because the ecotards go berserk and block every permit...we also have about 100+ different "blends" which is freakin retarded and also raises the cost...

Hey Quatar....don't you guys have oil?...maybe we will invade you and take it..."Price per barrel oil stoled from Quatar...$20 per barrel cause it only costs for shipping"...THAT might bring gas prices down to maybe $3.00 gallon...besides you'll like us invading anyway, we are really pretty cool and we'll bring some hot chicks over for USO shows and junk like that...free Ipods maybe even...it'll be great, you'll love us!
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