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Message Subject BReAKING - Not everyone has a starring role in this movie we call Life.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25130315

Funny how hollywood has altered your perception of the world.

You're basically saying that we don't have free will and we can't make choices on our own.

I agree but removed 1 part

Just as you remove him he will remove you.

Jesus is Lord. This stays with my foot stomped against the snakes head.

You make your fellow believers look bad with a comment like this,

you talk like a christian extremist, you should have just said behead all those who oppose the name i removed.

I don't want to hurt your feelings but perhaps you should re-think your perceived equal footing to free thinkers.

Then don't come up explaining yourself how you have to remove that Jesus. If you respect what I had to say then just say it rather than altering what was just magnified. I don't care how "extreme" I sound. I love my father just like you love yours. Don't put words in my mouth either, beheading was in your thought process. If you don't have faith in the father he won't have faith in you. Like a duty, you put 100% effort you get 100% results. You put 5% effort you get 5% result thus getting you nowhere. I am not here to bash you but don't edit my comments like some news agency cause then you defy the whole purpose of my post. I was strictly going off the bases of scripture, that was my end goal. Pure, simple and no strings attached. Modify a document at your place of work and see how your co-workers and managers will be upset at you. You simple discredit my writings based upon your belief. No no doesn't work that way.
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