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Message Subject I had a Dream - England massive tsunami November - In the Dream I was reading this forum
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Contrary to what people are told we are susceptible to Tsunamis, which are not uncommon, however these are nearly always Meteorological in nature, while they are meteorological they still have the same destructive power as the ones generated from a seismic source.

For example the last MeteoTsunami to hit my neck of the woods in Southern England was the 20ft Tsunami of July 1929, which hit along the Sussex/Kent coast..

However it hit at low tide thus causing minimal damage and minimal deaths (some 6 in total) the death toll would have been far greater if it had hit at high tide.

As these are not uncommon the nuclear plants here, like Dungeness Nuclear Power plant, have a Tsunami Bund capable of withstanding a 30ft Tsunami.

So yes a Tsumani could hit England.. and Novemeber storms could produce a sizable one.
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