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Message Subject do christians believe in dinosaurs?
Poster Handle A Friend
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Yes, we do. The carbon dating of dino's is flawed.
 Quoting: Medic

speed of light wrong too?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25265921

No speed of light is correct. The carbon shift in carbon dating is wrong.
 Quoting: Medic

the speed of light can be used to date the observable universe, which is approximately 17 billion earth years.

we could all run faster than light if it was only 5, 000yo.

so dating the place at 5,000 years means you assume the speed of light as well as radioactive decay measurements all to be wrong.

most christians these days try to wriggle around it, but plainly either christians or everbody else, are making huge miscalculations.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25265921

Lets say everyone else is wrong and Christians are right... that means i've decided to believe in a God and trust that He knew what He was doing when He sent His son down to earth to save our souls... I get to go to heaven for eternity where all tears are gone. Those who reject God and His son's sacrifice for all of us go to hell as the bible tells us. I get a great gift of mercy which I didn't have to earn... I just have to believe.

Now, lets suppose I am wrong, there is no heaven, no God and I'll be soon visited by aliens who are either gray or reptilian or any of another type. What have I lost out on by being wrong and living my life the best possible way I could, which would be in service to my fellow man and to walk in love for others instead of hate?

Who loses out more? I'd rather live a loving and giving life than a purposeless and rudderless life. I certainly don't want to go to hell if it exists, which is to be absent from God.

I'm pretty sure that the bible is supposed to cover about 6000 years.

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