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Message Subject do christians believe in dinosaurs?
Poster Handle THE TRUTH
Post Content
you mean 6000 years old dinosaurs ? 1doh1
 Quoting: Funney

Actually, the vast majority of the "dinosaurs" died off in the great flood 4500 years ago...

That is why we find so much fossil evidence!

Fossils do not form when an animal dies and falls over; they are formed when they are quickly buried in deep mud and preserved. The fact that we find so many dinosaur fossils is profoundly strong evidence for a mass extinction event that required a world-wide flood.

The modern image of "dragons" in movies and novels have evolved from what were very real creatures in antiquity. The 'dragons'/'dinosaurs' that were around after the flood were hunted into extinction, and this is where the very real history of 'dragon hunters' originated.
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